Windows Plus Series Necklace



This is one exciting piece!  Etched clear glass over black and white, with clear portholes or windows that let you look into the black and white below.  Etched black blown hollows give contrast and visual impact, with massed graduated disk beads at the ends.  The necklace has a handmade beaded loop and glass button bead.  This necklace is deceptive – it is both classic and modern, formal and relaxed.  It is quirky, intriguing, very beautiful and very classy – high style beyond fashion!

The necklace is approximately 42cm (16 1/2 inches) long, and the hollow beads are approx. 2cm (3/4 inches) diameter.

So much to love!

Windows Plus Series necklace

This gorgeous necklace features intriguing etched clear glass beads with portholes that let you see the black and white striped centres of the beads. The clear etched beads are balanced by etched black blown hollow beads, with black and clear etched graduated disk beads that are secured with a beaded loop and glass button clasp.