Turquoise Hollows Series lariat

The Turquoise Hollows Series lariat has a string of 13 even sized blown hollow beads.  The beads have a base of turquoise glass.  Blown glass shards made of ivory and grey glass were then applied to the beads, before turquoise decorations were applied.  The beads are strung and individually knotted on turquoise blue bead cotton.  The lariat allows the wearer to simply tie off the necklace at the desired length.  The blown hollow beads are approx. 2.2cm (7/8 inches) diameter.

The matching earrings also have blown hollow beads, and are on Sterling silver findings.  The earrings have a drop of approx. 5cm (2 inches) and the beads are approx. 1.7cm (5/8 inches) diameter.


Turquoise Hollows Series Lariat

This Turquoise Hollows Series lariat has 13 gorgeous turquoise and grey blown hollow beads, strung and individually knotted on a blue cotton bead cord. The lariat can be tied off to the desired length.


Turquoise Series earrings

This pair of earrings have blown hollow beads mounted on Sterling silver findings.