Shades of Grey Series necklace and earrings



This ‘Shades of Grey’ necklace plays with different shades and textures of grey to make a piece to lust for!  This is a very elegant and sophisticated piece, but it is organic and informal too.  This is a beautiful piece.

The necklace uses blown hollow beads in different shades and textures of grey.  Some of the blown hollows are decorated with shards made from grey and ivory glasses, others are textured or etched.  The beads are separated with small hand made pea beads or disk beads and seed beads.  The necklace clasp is a handmade loop of seed beads and a glass button clasp.

The pendant has grey transparent glass over a core of encased silver leaf, with grey and ivory glass shards,  The pendant hangs from a hand made glass bail, secured with wire wrapped sterling silver.  The pendant is crafted with a flat back so that it sits flat and is comfortable to wear.

The necklace is approx. 43.5cm (17 inches) long.  The focal pendant is approx. 3.8cm (1 1/2 inches) diameter, and blown hollow beads in the necklace are approx. 2.2cm (7/8 inches) diameter.



The matching earrings comprise etched black blown hollow beads on Sterling Silver findings – very simple and wearable.  The earrings have a drop of approx. 5cm (2 inches) and the hollow beads are approx. 2.2cm (7/8 inches) diameter.

Shades of Grey necklace and pendant

This necklace uses blown hollow glass beads made form a variety of grey transparent glasses. Beads are polished, etched, decorated with shards, or textured. The pendant hangs from a glass bail on a blown glass hollow bead. The pendant has silver leaf encased in clear glass, and overlayed with grey and ivory shards.


Shades of Grey Series earrings

These earrings are made from satin finished etched black glass blown hollow beads, sterling silver findings.