North West Woods


This necklace takes me back to the golden sun-drenched beaches of Exmouth Gulf and the Ningaloo Reef.  The beads are hand made from various found woods from the Western Australia’s remote North West Cape – including snakewood, hakea, mulga, and driftwood.  The beads have been fine sanded and polished to give a gorgeous lustre and tactile organic feel.  The neckband is of Sterling silver wire and wire wrap, with Sterling spacer beads.

The neckpiece is approx. 140mm (5 1/2″) diameter.  The wood beads vary in size from approx. 5cm (2″) to 8.5cm (3 1/2″).

North West Woods necklace

A necklace made from various woods of the North West Cape - snakewood, hakea, mulga, and driftwood. The beads have been fine sanded and polished, mounted on a Sterling silver wire wrap neckband.