Green and Black Carnival Series necklace


This is a very elegant looking and simple lariat necklace.  The main beads are hand made sand-blasted satin black blown glass hollows and black blown filigrano glass hollows.  Forest green disks beads provide a highlight of colour.  The necklace is strung on a knotted quality cotton cord.  The length is adjustable – the necklace can be worn high or low to suit your fancy on the day!


The length of the beaded section is approximately 42cm (16″) long, and the overall length, including the cord tails, is 100cm (38″). The main beads are approximately 2.5cm (1″) diameter.

(Filigrano is a type of glass cane or rod, usually hand pulled, which has a coloured centre encased in high clarity clear glass, allowing the artist to create wonderful clear and coloured striped effects!)


Green and Black Carnival Series Hollows necklace.

This lariat style necklace comprises black filigrano and sand-blasted black blown hollow beads, with forest green disks, strung on a knotted quality cotton necklace cord.