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Black and Silver Series necklace, bracelet and earrings

Black and Silver Series bracelet

The Black and Silver Series feature beads with a fine silver wire, mesh or silver leaf over a core of black glass, and encased in crystal clear glass.  The precious metals float in the beads.  The beads are also decorated with silvered glasses to give a gorgeous metallic lustre. More…

Windows Plus Series Necklace and Earrings


This is one exciting piece!  Etched clear glass over black and white, with clear portholes or windows that let you look into the black and white below.  Etched black blown hollows and massed graduated disk beads at the ends.  This necklace is deceptive – it is both classic and modern, formal and relaxed.  Quirky, intriguing, very beautiful and very classy – high style beyond fashion! More…

Turquoise Hollows Series lariat

1793 Baubles Series necklace

This Turquoise Hollows Series lariat has 13 gorgeous turquoise and grey blown hollow beads, strung and individually knotted on a blue cotton bead cord.  The lariat can be tied off to the desired length. More…

Coral and EPD Series necklace, bracelet and earrings – Sold!

This Coral Series necklace combines free form beads with glorious warm colours.  These pieces cannot be repeated, because one of the colours has been discontinued.  The purple coloured glass is known to bead makers as EDP, or ‘Evil Devitrifying Purple’.  As the name suggests, it can be tricky to handle, but is much loved for the gorgeous reactions with other glasses – alas now discontinued.   More… 

Shades of Grey Series necklace and earrings

This ‘Shades of Grey’ necklace plays with different shades and textures of grey to make a wonderful elegant and sophisticated piece.  The necklace uses blown hollow beads in different shades and textures of grey.

The pendant has grey transparent glass over encased silver leaf, with grey and ivory glass shards.  The pendant hangs from a hand made glass bail.  The pendant is crafted with a flat back so that it sits flat and is comfortable to wear.  More…

Zebra Series Long necklaces, bracelets and earrings – made to order

These delightful long necklaces in zebra patterned black and white can be made to order.  Tell me what you would like – ie necklace, length, etc – and I will give you a quote. If you want to have your very own Su Bishop necklace, tailored to suit you, More…

Nautilus Series Necklace and Pendant, Bracelet, and Earrings

Revisiting old favourites!  I first designed my Nautilus Series pieces when we lived in Exmouth on Australia’s remote North-west Cape – the colours reminded me of the azure waters of the wonderful Ningaloo.  This necklace, bracelet and earrings use beautiful azure blue glass that sparkles in the sun like the water.  More