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Blue-Green Necklace with Pendant

This gorgeous necklace and pendant features artist made beads and pendant in colors that have been mixed by the artist – this is a ‘one off’ piece!

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Blue Hollows Series Necklace and Earrings

Perfect for lovers of the colour blue – this lariat style necklace of hand blown hollow glass beads on premium cotton bead cord is beautiful. Your friends will admire this necklace every time you wear it!

Matching earrings are available.

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‘Just Right’ Series Hollows necklace

A beautiful lariat style necklace that can be worn with anything – the colours work with all you favourite outfits.

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Green and Black Filigrano Hollows necklace and earrings

2371 Black and Black filigrano necklace 12

Beautiful colours and design.  The green and black filigrano necklace features blown hollows and disk beads to create a stunning design.

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Black and White Lens Series necklace and earrings


With their clear glass disks, these beads look a lot like lenses.  But they do sparkle in the sun!  And there are matching earrings.

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Turquoise Hollows Series Lariat and Earrings

1793 and 1794

This Turquoise Hollows Series lariat has 13 gorgeous turquoise and grey blown hollow beads, strung and individually knotted on a blue cotton bead cord.  The hollow glass beads are light and durable.

The matching earrings are also hollow glass beads.

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Earrings to go!

Earrings for your delight.  Great colours.

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End of Line – Clearance…

When I am making a series of jewellery pieces, I keep some originals as samples – to remind what I did and how I made them.  Sometimes, the glasses I used become unavailable, sometimes I just move on.  That is the end of the line.

Sometimes, I have to de-clutter my workshop, so these pieces can get a new life with a new owner at a bargain price.  All of these pieces are new and unworn.  See more here…