Extra Long Summer Series Necklace

This vibrant necklace is all about the colors of summer! This necklace is long – long enough to be worn in two or three wraps. It is such a versatile statement piece that you will love!

This necklace has over 90 artist made glass beads in different shapes and sizes. There are hollow beads, cylindrical beads, some with silver encased, some with reactive glasses, some discs, some simple pea beads. The necklace includes seed beads and Swarovski crystals as spacer beads to ensure the necklace is light and flexible to wear.

This necklace is over 92cm (3′) long, and the beads range in sizes up to 18mm (3/4″) diameter and up to 30mm (1 1/4″) long. This is a work of art!

The price includes postage within Australia.  International buyers should contact me for a shipping quote – contact me here.  To buy, use the Paypal button below.

Extra Long Summer Series Necklace

This necklace has over 90 hand made glass beads and many more seed beads and crystals! The necklace is about 92cm long. The price is Australian $280 plus $9.50 postage within Australia. International buyers should contact me for a quote for shipping. #2723