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Fantasy in a fishbowl #3


Fantasy in a fishbowl #3


This fishy piece was awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ at the recent LCACA small works 8×8 exhibition.  The piece features a bunch of fantastic fishy critters more or less in a dreamy fishbowl – however a few of the critters are making a break for it!

The exhibition has since ended, and this piece has been updated and remounted onto a solid timber base.  This piece is now at Ferry Park Gallery – if you are travelling up the Pacific Highway and passing through Maclean, pull off the highway and take a break while you check out the Ferry Park Gallery.

This piece is the smallest of my ‘Fantasy in a Fishbowl’ series – just 19cm wide by 14cm deep by 23cm high – priced at $285.00.

2018 Festival of Glass – Happy!


The 2018 Festival of Glass was held over the weekend of 17-18 February at Drysdale, Victoria.  The event is organised and run by the local Clifton Springs – Drysdale Community Group.

We arrived on the Friday eventing, and delivered my entries to the Glass Art Awards team.  We met other entrants, saw some fabulous work that had been entered, and we got to catch up with other glass folks who were setting up for Sunday’s Glass Expo.

Saturday evening was the ‘Twilight Flames’ event at the nearby Leura Park Estate winery, where the good folks served us fine food and beautiful wines while Murano master Mauro Vianello demonstrated his skills with sculptural glass.  Lots of fun catching up with more glass folks!

The Glass Expo was a lot of fun – but a long day for the exhibitors!

During the day, the winners of the Awards Show were announced.

I was totally stoked to be awarded First Place in the Wearable Art section, and delighted to be second place behind the wonderful Kathryn Chaston in the Sculptural section.  Happy with that!


Seabed Series pendant 2

Seabed Series Pendant


Against the Flow 2s

‘Against the Flow’

Keeping good company – 2017 Women in Glass


The Flow Magazine used this image of one of my Seabed Series pendants in the 13th edition of ‘Women in Glass’

The Flow Magazine Winter edition is out, with the 13th edition of the ‘Women in Glass’ gallery.

I did a quick scan of the gallery, and picked out 8 other Australian artists who were included – Jennie Merritt, Kathyrn Wardill, Laurie Young, Kathryn Chaston, Deb Crowley, Fiona Horne, Barb Jorgensen, Terri Kraehe, and the one and only unforgettable Miss Vee, Veronique Southan.  (There may be others I missed or didn’t recognise – my apologies if I missed you!)

Keeping pretty good company, as far as I’m concerned!

Seascape Fantasy Pieces Sold!


These Seascape Fantasy pieces were something new for me.  They were great fun to make, and I love them.  But I never expected that anyone would buy them!

This one went to Kirra.  Hand carried on the airplane to Melbourne (and I dropped the box as I got out of the taxi at the hotel- nervous moment, but no damage).  And it sold.  Yasmin from Kirra tells me that it was bought by one of their regular collectors – many thanks to him – perhaps one day, I can thank him in person.

The little brother to this piece that went to Kirra picked up a win in class at the Clarence River Arts Festival, then a few weeks later, sold at Ferry Park Gallery!

So exciting!  And unexpected – who would have thought!

So many thanks to all of you lovely people who like my work!

But now, I am working on a new piece for another exhibition – watch this space!





Vicki Torr Prize

Seabed Series


The Vicki Torr Prize for Emerging Artists is awarded by Ausglass for excellence in glass.  The judging is based on photographic submissions.

The actual process of selection and judging was somewhat contentious at the time.  Emerging artists are defined as ‘having 5 years or less of professonal experience’.  The winners of the 2009 Vicki Torr prize were Lee Mathers and Ruth Oliphant (as co-recipients) – both worthy winners.  Su was later advised that her work was runner-up to the winning pieces. (Photos by Alan Bishop.)

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