Keeping good company – 2017 Women in Glass


The Flow Magazine used this image of one of my Seabed Series pendants in the 13th edition of ‘Women in Glass’

The Flow Magazine Winter edition is out, with the 13th edition of the ‘Women in Glass’ gallery.

I did a quick scan of the gallery, and picked out 8 other Australian artists who were included – Jennie Merritt, Kathyrn Wardill, Laurie Young, Kathryn Chaston, Deb Crowley, Fiona Horne, Barb Jorgensen, Terri Kraehe, and the one and only unforgettable Miss Vee, Veronique Southan.  (There may be others I missed or didn’t recognise – my apologies if I missed you!)

Keeping pretty good company, as far as I’m concerned!

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