Seascape Fantasy Pieces Sold!


These Seascape Fantasy pieces were something new for me.  They were great fun to make, and I love them.  But I never expected that anyone would buy them!

This one went to Kirra.  Hand carried on the airplane to Melbourne (and I dropped the box as I got out of the taxi at the hotel- nervous moment, but no damage).  And it sold.  Yasmin from Kirra tells me that it was bought by one of their regular collectors – many thanks to him – perhaps one day, I can thank him in person.

The little brother to this piece that went to Kirra picked up a win in class at the Clarence River Arts Festival, then a few weeks later, sold at Ferry Park Gallery!

So exciting!  And unexpected – who would have thought!

So many thanks to all of you lovely people who like my work!

But now, I am working on a new piece for another exhibition – watch this space!





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