2 thoughts on “1401-4w

  1. Lorraine Marsden

    Hello Su
    Last week we called into the Coldstream Gallery in Ulmarra and my husband bought me this piece of wearable glass, which we both really love.
    I wore it twice while staying at the Palazzo Versace Hotel and it sat very well and didn’t move around which is very appealing.
    We loved a lot of your other pieces and we did buy our daughter in law a pair of your earrings.


    1. Su Bishop Post author

      Wow! Lorraine – thank you very much, it is wonderful to get such great feedback! The Seabed Series necklace is one of my favourite pieces – I just love wearing them and making them! And I love that other people enjoy them too! Thanks so much for your comment, and for taking my my work to such wonderful places 🙂 Thanks again, Su



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