Flame On Glass 2017 at Kirra Gallery


Seabed Series Pendant


We’ve just returned from a 6 day road trip (motor cars, hotels, airports and airplanes) for the Kirra Galleries 15th Flame On Glass Exhibition.  This is also the final Flame on Glass Exhibition.

As far as I’m concerned, this show is the most prestigious gathering of torch work glass artists in Australia at Australia’s most prestigious and influential glass gallery.  But for those who participate, the highlight is the meeting and mixing with a whole bunch of fellow torch workers – great people, great technical skills and great glass artists.  Most artists tend to be solitary souls, working alone in their hideaways.  But at events like Kirra Flame on Glass, we emerge, blinking, into the daylight and collectively share our art and technique.

Later, when my head is clear, I’ll post more of the show.   For now, here are the pieces I exhibited this year…

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