Just listed on Etsy…

I’ve put a couple of pieces up on Etsy …

The Lens Series is a beautiful classy necklace.  A string of beautiful individual beads – each bead has a core of lively colors embedded in a lens of clear glass. The clear glass magnifies the colors and the play of light is vibrant and lively. The repeated shapes give a classic look and feel. This necklace is beautiful to wear, and goes with everything. Beautiful at night, gorgeous in the sunlight!.

The Red, Black and White Series necklace is a funky colorful piece  – an asymmetric arrangement of beautiful hand made glass beads. This piece is made for class and comfort. The large central beads are blown hollows for lightness – decorated with murrini and blown shards, and encased in extra-clear class . The tube beads are gently curved so that they sit comfortably on the shoulders and neck.

I have been playing with asymmetric necklaces and earrings for a while now – I think they add a sense of fun and a step out of the ordinary…



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