Veronica George Gallery


Memory Beads Series

Veronica George Gallery is one of Australia’s finest glass art galleries.  It was a great thrill to meet Veronica and George in their gallery, and to be asked to provide some of my work for them.


Baubles Series

Baubles Series necklace – multicoloured blown hollow beads with shards encased #1950

Shades of Red Series

Shades of Red Series necklace – blown hollows from multiple different shades of red #1947

Memory Beads Series

Memory Beads Series necklace – blown hollows filled with treasures #1944

Turquoise Baubles Series

Turquoise Baubles Series necklace – blown hollows with applied shards #1941

Mystic Grey Series

Mystic Grey Series necklace – blown hollows, one filled with turquoise seeds #1938

Mystic Grey Series

Mystic Grey Series – blown hollow beads from grey glass #1935

Key Lime Series

Key Lime Series necklace – blown hollows and bent tube beads #1932

Marine Green Series

Marine Green Series necklace with blown hollows and silvered ivory shards #1929


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